De MV Agusta F4 RC Limited Edition

De F4 Reparto Corse (RC)  is een zeer unieke en speciale MV Agusta aangezien het een exacte replica van de motor is waar MV Agusta rijder Leon Camier om het het World Superbike Kampioenschap strijdt. De F4 RC is een limited edition uitvoering (250 stuks) en wordt volledig met de hand gebouwd. 212 pk, 175 kg, 13.600 toeren, Öhlins vering, Termignoni uitlaten en heel veel carbon en titanium onderdelen om zoveel mogelijk gewicht te besparen. Daarnaast krijg je er ook nog een Racing Kit bij die volledig toegespitst is voor het circuit!

Lees hieronder de officiele persaankondiging van MV Agusta zelf:


From the WSBK tracks to your garage, Leon Camier reveals the figures on the new F4 Reparto Corse: 250 units, 212 horses, 175 kg.

Identical to the official bike, customisable race number and equipped with a dual soul: street and “ready to race” thanks to the included racing kit.

Varese, 26 March 15 - After rumours, facts: the today MV Agusta is officially open for you to order its latest and most precious technological jewel: la F4 Reparto Corse.

This is the bike approved for WSBK this year and raced by English rider Leon Camier, who started the season last month at Phillip Island with a promising 7th overall placing.

MV Agusta has always had a particular bond with riders from across the Channel.  From the times of John Surtess, Mike Hailwood and up to Phil Read Brits have been champions on and off the track because of their image and communications skills, making significant contributions to the legend of the brand. Young Leon Camier, in the hopes that he will find his championship wreath, can also already exploit these qualities as a trendsetter along with an uncommon photogenic face which can be appreciated in the new video dedicated to his MV Agusta F4 RC.

The scene is set in a luxurious home where Leon appears at the wheel of his AMG GT. He gets out of the car and drops the keys onto the table beside the keys to his MV Agusta. He approaches the F4 RC and here his thoughts turn to racing, to his most adrenaline-filled moments, to the scream of the radial valve four cylinder engine. The stats countdown begins: limiter at 13,600 rpm, 1970 gram lightweight carbon fibre fairing, 1150 grams lighter thanks to the use of titanium, crankshaft lightened 487 grams, 333 titanium bolts, 250 units manufactured, 212 maximum horsepower in “race” configuration, 11 magnesium covers, 11 parts in carbon fibre.

In accordance with cinema etiquette we won't spoil the ending, but we'll just give you the highlights of this “Instant classic” that represents the culmination of an idea Claudio Castiglioni had when, in 1997 redefined the concept of sport bikes and motorcycling beauty. Celebrated, sought after, and loved by bikers all over the world, the F4 is the perfect summary of form and substance.

Now the high point of the project has come about with the creation of an F4 born for racing: the Reparto Corse. Made by hand in a 250 piece limited edition run, it comes with a certificate of authenticity signed by CEO Giovanni Castiglioni and a rich kit of special components which allow it to peak with an exceptional maximum power of 212 HP at 13600 rpm and lighten it to a dry weight of 175 kg.

Exclusivity is obviously one of the distinguishing traits of the F4 RC. A unique bike even at first glance, clothed in a livery which is the exact replica of the speed demon that races in the “Superbike” championship. The rest of the “package” is also derived from Leon Camier's bike, from the Öhlins suspension to the Brembo brakes, from the forged wheels to the Termignoni exhaust all the way down to details like the quick release tank cap.  The only things missing are the customised team heat covers and the data acquisition kit, but not the possibility for the lucky customer to customise his or her F4 RC with their favourite race number on the top fairing and on the tail fairing as per WSBK regulations.

A suggestions from our past glories: #4 Phil Read, #29 Mike Hailwood, #62 John Surtess, obviously besides Leon Camier's #2. We don't think he'll mind....

Kijk voor de volledige fotoserie van deze prachtige explosieve straatlegale Italiaanse machine via

F4 RC Racing Kit  



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