Geciteerd van MV Agusta zelf, mooiere woorden kan je niet gebruiken.

We discovered that we can travel thousands of kilometres through nothing, find our way by looking at a road book held together with an elastic, repair an engine with our bare hands, at night. And today we’re bringing it back to life, with the Lucky Explorer Project.
As soon as it arrived, everyone knew that it was to be taken seriously. At the beginning of the 1980s, the world got to know an imposing bike that was faithful to its name, Elefant. The legend began with Paris-Dakar. Now the legend is back, and it’s waiting for someone to take a ride.’’

2 compleet nieuwe modellen en motoren van MV Agusta samenwerkend met het Lucky Explorer Project, de 5.5 en de 9.5 uitvoering.

Informatie over het 5.5 model:

  • 554cc tweecilinder
  • 47,6pk (35kw) , 51Nm koppel (A2 geschikt!)
  • Zadelhoogte 860mm
  • Droog gewicht 220kg
  • 20 Liter tank
  • KYB vering
  • Brembo remmen
  • TFT 5” Full HD Dashboard – Bluetooth connectivity – GPS sensor – MV Ride app with turn by turn navigation system

Informatie over het 9.5 model:

  • Volledig nieuwe 932cc 3 cilinder motorblok!
  • 123pk (90,5kw) , 102Mm koppel
  • Droog gewicht 220kg
  • Quickshifter up/down
  • Sachs suspension electric
  • 20 Liter tank
  • Brembo remmen
  • TFT 7” Full HD Dashboard – Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity – Cruise control – Launch control – 8 level Traction Control- GPS sensor – Immobilizer – Full led headlight with DRL and bending function – Full led tail light – Fog light – MV Ride app with turn by turn navigation system, engine and vehicle setup.